what we do:

Schilli Specialized Flats provides dedicated flatbed transportation service to a defined group of customers. Our priorities are to fulfill commitments to our customers, provide career opportunities for our employees, and maximize our return on investment for our stakeholders and shareholders. Our success enables us to develop additional business with new and existing customers and extend these opportunities to our drivers.
Schilli Specialized Flats (formerly WVT), has been the leading flatbed carrier in Indiana for over 30 years. SSF provides superior transportation services, hauling building materials, metal, machinery, and wood products for defined customers within our primary market areas, the Midwest (Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, and Kansas) plus the Southeast (Georgia, Tennessee, The Carolinas, and Florida).
Our experience analyzing the historic transportation needs of our customers and coordinating our driver hiring plans with these needs enables us to offer unique transportation solutions. This enhances driver safety and quality of life by allowing drivers to operate in familiar areas that are also convenient for returning home after their tour of duty.