what we do:

Schilli Specialized is the choice carrier for both large and small customers. Our ability to get the job done right the first time and our quality of drivers helps keep our customers happy.

Our commodities shipped range from dry foods, auto parts, building materials as well as specialized transportation utilizing crane trailers.

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Schilli Specialized is looking for top drivers to carry out our service to our customers. There isn't a lot of turn over and we like to take care of the people who take care of us.

If you are an experienced van driver and are considering a change, you owe it to yourself to check out Schilli Specialized.

SSV offers the following to our drivers:

Good relationships with dispatchers.

You are treated as a person. NOT a truck number.

We are small enough to care, but large enough for opportunity.

We get you home when you need it.

from David M, SSV Driver:

Schilli Specialized has been very good to me. I am very happy to work with Terry, my dispatcher/terminal manager. Nice to know that when a problem comes up, she has my back and I know that she will do everything she can to help. The outcome may not always be what I want, but I know she is going to be honest with me. The communication at Schilli is excellent. If you have a problem just communicate it, verbalize it. They will do everything that they can to help.
Another thing I like about Schilli is that it seems that everyone is on the same page. The driver support is excellent! If I have to be home, they will do everything possible to get me there. Even if I have to deadhead extra miles.
I've been with other companies where they simply give you an address and telephone number and that's it. If there's a problem, you're on your own. At Schilli, if a problem comes up at the shipper or receiver I know that I can call or qualcomm a message - there's always someone who can help. It's nice to know that if we're 700 miles from home and something comes up, there's someone who's got our back.